Speeding Up The Healing Process

The following resources are provided to help survivors reestablish themselves as productive and self-sufficient members of our communities. These resources can help to speed up the healing process by making the transition more flexible and convenient. We recommend that survivors choose those resources that will work best for their particular working schedules and circumstances.

Agency Referrals

finalagenciesWe refer the following local, regional & national Domestic Violence Advocacy agencies.

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Final LegalOur referrals only include the highest quality, most informed legal advice in this area.

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educationWe believe education opens doors of opportunity and provides the means to economic self sufficiency.

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Alternative Therapy

Final Alternative TherapyComplementary alternative medicine and therapy for the mind, body and soul.

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Community Liaisons

community-outreachThese Community Liaisons provide strategic guidance and support for victims of abuse.

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Health & Beauty

New Health
For a healthier you, we refer these spas, gyms & wardrobe consultants for your consideration.

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