Love Me Like A Princess is an advocate for domestic violence survivors, based in Central, Ohio.
Our Program is designed to help 
survivors take the final steps to reestablish themselves as productive and self-sufficient members of our communities. Our goal is to help those survivors who are willing to help themselves, speed up and complete their healing process. Love Me Like A Princess workshops, continuing education programs, resources and services are effective, flexible and convenient for all survivors, including those with unique working schedules and special circumstances.


1. Why Don’t They Just Leave?
According to NNEDV (National Network To End Domestic Violence), over 12,000 victims a day, in the U.S., are turned away from providers. In Ohio, according to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, over 72% of murder-suicides, involve an intimate partner, and 94% of these crime victims are women!
2. Domestic Violence is a Personal Problem!
Over 8 million days of paid work is lost due to domestic violence issues – that is equivalent to more than 32,000 full-time jobs. The cost of domestic violence exceeds $8.3 billion annually.
3. It only Happens to the Poor and Uneducated!
Survivors often endure the devastation of leaving behind a home, income, benefits and economic security – regardless of their education, professional skills and earning potential when leaving an abusive situation. The path to safety and security is often profoundly challenging.
But… there is help!
With all of us working together, we can help survivors of domestic violence take the final steps to reestablish themselves as productive and self-sufficient members of our communities. Individuals, corporations, law enforcement, churches, community, government and private organizations can all work together and make a difference!

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• Housing
• Cell Phones
• Therapy
• Education
• Resources
• Transportation
• Nutrition
• Health & Beauty



• Domestic Violence survivor
• US legal resident

• Enrolled in a DV program
• Needs financial assistance
• Willingness to be trainned
• Desires higher education
• Unmarried
• Is not pregnant



• Agency referrals
• Education

• Community Liaison
• Legal
• Alternative Therapy
• Health
• Beauty
• Fashion


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